California Jury Returns $40 Million Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

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A California woman suffering from mesothelioma has prevailed in the latest talc trial against Johnson & Johnson, following six days of jury deliberation that ended Friday when the jury awarded her $40 million in damages.

Nancy Cabibi, 71, of Hasuer, Idaho, and her husband Phil sued Johnson & Johnson makers of Johnson’s Baby Powder, following her pleural mesothelioma diagnosis in 2017. Since then, Mrs. Cabibi has undergone a variety of medical procedures including radical surgical intervention, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy.

Testing of her body tissue showed the presence of tremolite and anthophyllite asbestos, known contaminants of Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, both of which were manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and both of which Mrs. Cabibi used.

The jury in the case found Johnson’s Baby Powder defective because it contained asbestos. It also found the powder caused Mrs. Cabibi’s mesothelioma, which is an invariably fatal form of cancer.

Johnson & Johnson argued Mrs. Cabibi was exposed to asbestos through living in an area of Los Angeles home to industry, though she never worked in or even entered any facilities where she would have been exposed to asbestos.