Choosing A Baby Powder Cancer Attorney

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As news of the latest talcum powder verdict hit mainstream news sources early in 2016, attorneys handling baby powder cancer lawsuits have experienced a surge in the number of talcum powder lawsuit inquiries they receive each day.

Scovern Law wants you to know that the truth is that many women have likely developed cancer from using baby powder without an awareness of the risk in the first place. Dr. Daniel Cramer, an epidemiologist and Harvard Medical School instructor who has conducted groundbreaking talcum powder cancer research, has testified that approximately 10,000 develop ovarian cancer from talcum powder every year.

While research has been underway on the topic of cancer from baby powder for several decades, very few consumers were aware of the potential risk. Internal documents produced in the recent baby powder lawsuits show J&J officials have been aware of research linking talcum powder to cancer since at least the 1980s. Despite this, women have been exposed to advertising claiming talcum baby powder is safe for everyday use, and have never been fairly warned about the potential risk of talcum powder dusting.

For women or families who wonder if they may have grounds to file a baby powder lawsuit, here are some tips for selecting a talcum powder cancer attorney:

(1) Local vs. National: In some cases, depending on the type of litigation, it is advantageous to choose a local law firm over a national group. In the case of baby powder lawsuits, it is best to have a leading national law firm represent you in a baby powder lawsuit. Choose a baby powder lawyer that already represents clients in similar cases, particularly those who have achieved a winning record in products liability or pharmaceutical litigation.

(2) Contingency Representation: Any baby powder cancer attorney you choose should provide contingency representation, meaning the law firm will not charge any legal fees unless they win compensation on your behalf. Talcum powder attorneys that charge a fee to review your case or to represent you should not be trusted.

(3) Track Record: Ideally, you should select a talcum powder attorney group that has set a precedent of winning a baby powder lawsuit settlement in the past. But look further to see what other litigation the company has been involved in. Baby powder attorneys who have a long history of successfully winning cases in family safety litigation are good candidates. Baby powder attorneys who fit this description will have ample resources to put toward your case.

(4) Trust: Contact an attorney who is already representing baby powder cancer claims and speak directly with a representative or the lead attorney. Trust your gut on whether you feel the firm will represent your best interests. Filing a baby powder lawsuit is a significant decision and you must feel good about getting the best legal representation for your family.

To ensure you have an experienced baby powder advocate working on your and your family’s behalf, contact the attorneys at Scovern Law at 1-888-725-1890. Or visit us on the web at Scovern Law ( ) or read more on baby powder lawsuits at The Talc Cancer Center ( ). Scovern Law is an authority on ovarian cancer lawsuits stemming from baby powder application for feminine hygiene.