Attorney Referral Program

Attorney Referral Program
Every lawyer has a practice area in which his or her skills and knowledge are keenly focused. For Scovern Law, our greatest strength is complex pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. Scovern Law considers a referral from another attorney to be one of the greatest compliments.

Scovern Law has focused its practice on the representation of plaintiffs involved in dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices for over twenty years. Few firms in the United States have the structure or resources to effectively handle specialization in complex litigation, mass tort and pharmaceutical cases. Scovern Law focuses more resources on fewer cases, providing you and your client with a level of individualized attention that is virtually unheard of in the legal community.

Our tightly focused, specialized structure provides us with a higher level of expertise, dedication and success.

Fee Arrangement
Our cases are typically litigated on the basis of a contingent fee. The client must be advised of any associations or referrals and the terms must be outlined in an agreement, per the Rules of Professional Conduct. We will ensure transparent communications with you at every stage of your client’s case from shared fee splits and responsibilities through resolution, all in compliance with the appropriate Rules of Professional Conduct.

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Each case has its own unique facts. Partnering with Scovern Law greatly improves your opportunity for a successful outcome for your client. Contact us today about your client’s case to discuss the referral fees you can expect at 1.888.725.1890.

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